The band was: Marco Bucci (guitar, vocals), JJ Gerber (co-writer, keys, vocals), Will Seaborn (bass), Jeremy Langlois (melodica), Brayden Clark (drums)


Sittin' in a hotel lobby waiting for the bus to come
to pick me up from this hell called monotony
Have you ever tried to sound profound
when nothing's comin out?
But that was when I met her
she was just a kid!
But it was the best kid-advice that I have ever heard.

It's just a test
that's what she said
don't let it get to your head
and everyone should live their dreams
no one can tell you what that means

What do I really wanna write?
my routine has me chromatically
declining into oblivion
then BOOM!
A sucker punch in the face
tells me it's not too late
to make music with everyone
Yeah life (life!) can be easy to sweat about
but don't you forget about
your life is what you make of it

Hey man
not all things last
that's the beauty of it
this is the show and it can't wait for you or me


from Marco Bucci and the Disbanded Project, track released April 19, 2012



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Marco Bucci and the Disbanded Project Toronto, Ontario

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