The band was: Marco Bucci (vocals, guitar, piano), Will Seaborn (bass), Jeremy Langlois (cello), Travis Whitmore (drums tracked at SilverLake Studio).


I had a dream where I flew far away
to a rock
looking for answers to me and you
discovering, and writing down what I found
that I found a new home, I found we're not alone!

They were living their lives
trying to find a meaning
they could not confide
in the possibility that they just might have to start again

When I was a kid
I always thought we were alone in the world
but now I know there's living things everywhere
life isn't rare
and curiosity seems to be a part of all of us

What if this is all there is?
Imagine that there's nothing after this
what if this is all there is?

And we'll live out our lives
trying to find it's meaning
until we can think past steadfast beliefs
cause if we really looked
I think we'd find that I am You
and You are Me
and we play a part in this grand mystery
and we might not have to start again


from Marco Bucci and the Disbanded Project, track released December 11, 2011



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Marco Bucci and the Disbanded Project Toronto, Ontario

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